Submission Guidelines:

Submissions for THE REVUE are open to anyone, until the end of December. The open categories are Tomfoolery; Minima; Notes & Queries; Encounters. 

Submissions are accepted via Submittable only. We are happy to take simultaneous submissions, but if your work is going to be published elsewhere, we ask that you withdraw or partially withdraw your submission immediately via Submittable. Please do not email us to withdraw work. No more than one submission per reading period. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept print manuscripts. Any manuscripts that we receive through the mail, even with a SASE, will be recycled.

We do not consider previously published work.

Please do not submit more than one entry per genre at a time.

Authors retain all rights to their work, but The Spectacle requests that you wait three months after publication to republish your work elsewhere (exceptions will be considered). If your work is republished, we ask that you note its initial publication in The Spectacle.

Former contributors should wait at least one year after publication before submitting new work to The Spectacle.

For all other queries, contact us at 

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THE REVUE Submission Guidelines:

You may submit work to THE REVUE in one of the five categories listed below. Please indicate which category you're submitting to in the title field provided, and include a brief cover note in the cover letter field.

We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your submission immediately via Submittable. If you need to partially withdraw a submission, please do not email us; simply add a note to your submission.

TomfooleryOur humor section. Includes comics, lists, off-beat short pieces.


Minima: Short poems and prose. Ten to 500 words. (You may submit one to three minima pieces in a single submission, but please include all of them in one file.)


EncountersReviews and longer-form essays detailing some interaction with another work, whether just published or long out of print. Please query first by sending an email to In the subject line, write "THE REVUE QUERY_ENCOUNTERS."


Vis-à-visOur interviews department. Open to interviews with artists, writers, politicians, musicians, etc. Unusual interviews considered, but if you would like to interview a coffee table instead of a famous writer, make sure the coffee table has some interesting things to say. Please query first by sending an email to In the subject line, write "THE REVUE QUERY_VIS-À-VIS."


Notes & QueriesQuestions and notes that are too short or sharp or strange for a full essay; historical coincidences, close observations of language, hybrid pieces that fall between the ribs of creative and critical. Interstitial writing.